Gaming without clothes
Bringing the blog back

So I’m bring the blog back! For like the 6th time. 

The issue is, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do any more. I have tons of pictures of naked people, but I feel like I have to do more than that. That’s where you come in. All 8,000+ of you. 
I need ideas. Ideas  to make sure I stay the best nerd porn blog out there. I can’t do it alone, followers. Like Megatron wished to restore Cybertron to its former glory, I wish to restore NakedNerds to it’s former glory!
First thing first, I need background image ideas. Apparently a Sith Lord glaring at you isn’t sexy fuck you, soulmyr.
And then, content! I’m thinking games, prizes and submissions! But mostly more naked people. Yeah, I think that’s all that will happen. Any happening is better than no happening.

And remember, it isn’t about what I like; it’s about what we collectively like.

>when a blog thinks feminist propaganda and angry posts will make porn lovers top liking and reblogging their posts
>when a blog thinks Tumblr will do something about a porn blog liking pictures of naked people
>when a blog thinks reporting you for harassment will stop you from saving their pictures to your hard drive

There can be a very interesting dynamic of people on Tumblr. You have the “Please reblog and masturbate to my pictures” kind of people and you have “I’m going to post this topless photo on the internet for everyone to see but you can’t reblog it” kind of people. 

I mean, car thieves are going to steal cars and fappers are going to fap.

I guess this is where I say I’ll leave politics and shit alone and post porn but come on, guys. This hasn’t been a porn blog for ages.


Added Dexy’s too because boob reasons

It’s always great when a talented artist does your request.

There has been another alleged celebrity nude leak featuring Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens Hope Solo and others.
I’m still waiting on the details and the inevitable torrent upload.

Here are some more questions for u: 3. how many nerds have you had sex (which only emphasize on wanted sex from you)? 4. share your experiences of the nerd(s) you have sex would request for odd, awkward, or bizarre things during sex.

I try not to talk too much about sex. It’s such a ….human issue. 

And I don’t know if you’ve seen me, but I’m massive. Saying I’m 50 feet tall might not even do me justice. I’d crush anyone who tried to get intimate. 

Here are some questions some of us fans would like to know: 1. Have you ever dated a traditional (looking like, and is quirky) nerd? 2. If so, how many (traditional) nerds have you dated in your life?

I’ve actually never dated anyone. We don’t really do that thing in my culture. 

Just found your blog, im a naked gamer and secret pokemon fan.

>Secret Pokemon fan

If you can’t be open about liking Pokemon, you have the wrong kind of people in your life. 

I’m open about being a  giant robot and people love me. 

Super important post

Tumblr won’t let me post any image posts. If you want the whole celeb set, (see last post) the best bet would be to find a torrent since imgur albums linked in the reddit thread are being removed. 
Just search for “the fappening torrent” or “Jennifer Lawrence nude torrent.”

Try to avoid torrent sites that aren’t or thepiratebay. 

This has been a NakedNerds announcement. Let me know how it goes Happy fapping!

Someone said Darth Nihilus staring into the void was a turn off. 
A lot of things here are turn offs. 
Tell me, faithful followers; how can I make this blog suck less?

This was a good film.Would recommend. 

This was a good film.
Would recommend. 

Legend of Korra finished its third season.

Vikings won’t be back until next year.
Have to check when Game of Thrones comes back.
Walking Dead comes back in October. 

I’m glad I have Stardust Crusaders to fill the void. 

So what are you guys watching?

I saw this picture of a woman and through intense Google searching, I found out she was an obscure model for an obscure site ( if you’re wondering; it won’t load for me for some reason).

And then I found her sets on imagefap and I was exited but then I was disheartened because I would have to download every picture individually. 

Pic related, the model in question. If you don’t know by now, I really dig attractive plain girls. Is that a contradiction? Can you be pretty and plain but not be really pretty?

You were clearly complaining about the woman who runs the "largelabiaproject" tumblr, therefore I assumed you liked the subject matter of the blog, since I didn't think you would waste your time frequenting sites that didn't interest you. Bad assumption to make?

OH. You’re an astute anon. 
I was actually referring to the breast equivalent of her blog, ourbreasts. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a perfect pair of breasts, but it’s always good to see the slightly imperfect pair to remind you of what “normal” is (relatively speaking).

Here, you can have this Japanese lactation gif. I think it’s a gif, I dunno. Let’s find out.

I guess you like large labia too, huh? :P

What, no. I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. I prefer innie vagina types. 

8,200+ followers. Some kind of celebration might be in order. Nah, we’ll celebrate at 8,500. 
Also, I’m extremely bored. Message me for my kik. No dicks please.

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